Try The Ease of DROP-OFF Cleaning Solution
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Innovation At Its Best...
Hi, I'm David Chastain, President of
Day Tripper Solutions, LLC.   I'm proud to
present our new formulated product "Drop -
Off", designed to remove spider droppings
deposited on hard surfaces.   This product
is a must for your boat cleaning maint-
enance needs. 
         You will have guaranteed
          results with satisfaction!

DROP-OFF” is a new cleaning product designed to quickly and easily remove nasty spider droppings from boat surfaces.  This "spray-on" application attacks and dissolves spider droppings quickly, by breaking down the organic spider dropping material.  “DROP-OFF” is not abrasive and does not contain bleach, and will protect your boats finish while cleaning.  “DROP-OFF” can be used to clean spider droppings from fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, vinyl and boat canvas.  “DROP-OFF” is also an environmentally friendly product, and will not harm the wildlife or water surrounding your boat.

Designed For Quick and Easy Results

  • Are you spending time too much time cleaning spider droppings from your boat?
  • Are you tired of the washing and scrubbing it takes to remove those hardened spider dropping stains?
  • Now you can relax and have your boat on the water sooner, with “DROP-OFF” Spider Dropping and Stain Remover.

Spray & Wipe Power Cleaner
Drop-Off formulation is a "new" spray-on cleaning solution for organic stains. No longer will your boat cleaning maintenance have to be a burden to you!
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