I have a garage with windows that attract spiders.  For awhile I have used various commercial cleaners to clean the window sills and blinds around those windows.  The spider debris was so bad I could only get the major dirt off, and the spider dropping spots were left.  I thought I would have to paint the sills and replace the blinds.  I heard about DROP-OFF and decided it was worth the investment to see how it worked.  I was not expecting it to work, as the major brand cleaners had limited success.  To my suprise, DROP-OFF Vinyl Siding Cleaner worked great!  In the very bad areas, I did let it soak for 30 seconds or so, but all the spots came clean.  I did not have to paint the sills or replace the blinds.  I am very pleased with the product.  I just wish I had something to work as well on getting rid of the spiders that make the mess.

Rick Staley

Montgomery, Texas

"I actually used a bottle of "Drop-Off" Spider Dropping and Stain Remover last Saturday and it rocked! This product is better than anything we've used so far."

Mark Francis
Ft. Worth, Texas

“I have used "Drop-Off" Spider Dropping and Stain Remover at our store on our customers boats that we pick up from the lake. This product works very well and easily removes the spider droppings. It doesn't hurt the seats and does not turn the fiberglass yellow as some products currently on the market do. I recommend using "Drop-Off" Spider Dropping and Stain Remover.”

John Poole
Parts Manager - Airtex Store
Marine Max
Houston, Texas

"I received my order and have already used "Drop - Off", and was thrilled with the results. Now that I know it works so well I may need to order another bottle."

Cathy Brandt
Harrison, Arkansas

"I used Drop-Off today for a problem I have with spider droppings in my basement. It worked well on semi-gloss, as well as enamel paint on drywall. Drop-Off dissolved the spider droppings very rapidly, and tougher ones only needed about 30 seconds to dissolve. It worked on ceramic tile almost instantly. The paint is not discolored at all in the window wells. I am very happy with the results, especially since my guestroom is in the basement."

Satisfied Homeowner
Ellicott City, Maryland

"Drop-Off" works great on porous stucco. I used "Drop-Off" on light colored stucco to remove old and tough spider dropping stains that were on the house for over a year. Within five to ten seconds the stains were dissolved and rinsed right off. I would recommend "Drop-Off" for home use as well as a cleaner for boats.

Don Simon